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Emre Goren 10-02-2006 06:31 PM

Ancient Valley (my first post here)
hi there , this is my first post here , I've made this for a personal fan film project - Battle Star Galactica..half of the ground and mountains were painted using a photo..pyramids and ruined gate was also modified from a google ship was modeled in 3dsmax..I hope you like it , all c&c are welcome..cheers

RiKToR 10-03-2006 01:20 PM

The biggest draw back for me is the fact that the valley floor is lit from the opposite direction as the rest of the scene

stylEmon 10-03-2006 02:45 PM

hey whats up there in PHX!

I think it actually works for the piece. Gives it a bit more dynamic flow. kinda helps 'wrap' around the pyramid.

Thats just me tho.

Emre Goren 10-03-2006 03:52 PM

thanks for the critics , well , this is going to be a 10 sec. camera pan and there are moving clouds which wont be seen by camera but only shadows will be slowly moving over the thats why lighting seems weird for a still...

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