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digitalkam 10-02-2006 03:24 AM

Free matte painting BOOK!
dear guys.
DOWNLOAD a usefull mattepainting book for FREE at here.. ... roughs.rar

new link for download : ... ipollo.rar

also check my gallery sections:


kambiz mahmoudi
DigitalKAM Studioworx

digitalkam 10-02-2006 04:11 AM

please reply your comment guys,...

stefuse 10-02-2006 06:36 AM

hi !

good graphice and logos ;)

to continue !

how vdoes it work to download the boo photoshop book ??

digitalkam 10-02-2006 07:42 AM

ok select free section
if you hav not a premium accont.
just that's it...

Fredric 10-09-2006 06:26 AM


rockhoppermedia 10-16-2006 03:48 AM

Free book?
Hi i have tried unsuccessfully to download that free book. I am getting kinda frustrated can you tell me where I might be going wrong.


egamez 10-26-2006 07:01 PM

Thank you for the info. !!!!

t.IN.y 10-26-2006 09:52 PM

Hi there, Great info.
But I can't seem to download it cause it keep saying I have reached the limit for free users.
Can anyone create a mirror or something so that you can share it with everyone?


rockhoppermedia 10-27-2006 03:04 AM

Yea I am having the same problem as the previous poster, could it be put on the resources page?

Gundrosen 01-11-2007 04:03 PM

I did not seem to have any problems downloading it, so I thought I might as well upload it and post it again here. Hope the original poster dont mind.

Anyway, heres the mirror: is much faster and easier to use for small files :) Just a little tip ;)

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