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glutamat 01-04-2008 02:11 AM

custom brushset

I donīt wanna switch between the different brushsets like "natural brushes", "dry media brushes" a.s.o. Is there a way to create a new brushset, like "matte brushes" and convert my favourite brushes from the existing brushsets to it?


Xdreamer79 01-04-2008 06:43 AM

Yes you can use the preset manager to collect your own sets of brushes. Take a look into the manual or press F1 for more information about it.

renuka 02-15-2008 01:30 AM

hmmm! u can select da shape 4m ny selection tool n den go 2 edit - define brush presets n save da brush shape.

mordecaidesign 02-15-2008 11:21 PM

Sorry Renuka, but the real way to talk like :

Is to say the following:

hmmm! Yuoo cun select zee shepe-a selecshun tuul und zeen gu tu ideet - deffeene-a broosh presets und sefe-a zee broosh shepe-a. Bork Bork Bork!


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