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lukx 03-18-2005 11:57 PM

to those who saw Dusso DVD...let's talk what did you see.
Okey I knwo that there was a lot of topics about Dusso DVD's and that it's hard to get what kind of brushes he's using. So let's talk what you think he's doing=). I noticed that he's not playing with brush opacity manuallu it's just connected to pen pressure (correct me if I'm wrong). Also does he have some shourtcut to get the collor pallete? I couldn't find in photoshop any way to assign key shourtcut to do this.Another thing did you noticed that often when he's putting some new color at first it's quite strong and suddenly it's blending.My question is: is he undoing this stroke or something else?

graphmac 04-04-2005 01:49 PM

Just make a few custom brushes.
I use one that 'pressure' fades with its colour.
One that fades opacity.
One that does both. (Fav)
Five that do everything else. Inc linear burn, multiply filters etc...
He (Dusso) does use the soft pressure brushes to add in subtle grads.

Faster ways to paint;
Press F twice to go fullscreen.
Press tab to bring up/hide your tools and colour palette quickly.
In brush mode press alt + click to select any colour in your painting.
Set your pens click buttons to undo, select brush size/type.
Make your own tools/brushes etc... Save yourself hours.
Work tiny + blow up and add detail later.

lukx 04-04-2005 02:00 PM

thanks graphmac. I just don't get this "I use one that 'pressure' fades with its colour." Anyway I though no one will answer this thread :D

brad 04-04-2005 03:16 PM

In brush mode:
press alt + click to select any colour in your painting.

Press F5 to adjust the Brush
Change the settings in "other Dynamic"

more info. here

bcottman 04-04-2005 10:25 PM

I noticed that he seemed to have a color palette shortcut as well. Ive been dying to figure it out since. Anyone have a clue. As far as the color suddenly blending, he explains that he lays down a color over the image to mix it and then uses the eyedropper to select the mixed color and then undoes the original stroke. He seems to be using the brushes out of the box with pressure linked to the opacity. Not much in the way of transfer modes either.
Could be wrong.
Let me know if you find the color palette shortcut.

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