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Janine 09-27-2004 05:00 AM

camera mapping tutorial
Just found this website and bookmarked it straight away! :D I'm a matte painter as well but I'm more of a 3D type person. I'm going through Dusso's matte painting dvds now as well to improve my painting though ;)

Anyway, I've written a tutorial about camera mapping, how to actually turn a matte painting into a 3D scene. It uses Cinema 4D but can be easily applied to any other 3d software. Here's the link:


homer 09-27-2004 08:25 AM

Your tutorial is well-done.
even though I'm using Maya.


Ross Forster 09-27-2004 09:09 AM

Hey Janine, nice to see you over here...

I dont know if you knew, but your camera mapping tutorial is already in the "tutorials" section. 8)


Janine 09-27-2004 12:40 PM

Hi Ross, yes I noticed that as well, after I posted, whoops... ;)


Dreamzsguy 10-04-2004 11:40 PM

Nice Work
:D Good Work u have done

anthonyBloor 10-05-2004 04:54 AM

hi Janine your tutorial looks well put together I use Maya now but was a big C4D user a few years ago, people really underestimate that program.

Anyway, I will take on some of your methods and try and use them in maya

jfrancis 11-15-2004 02:05 PM

Here's one for Maya ... cti_1.html

tobiasth 11-25-2004 08:42 AM

here is another link for maya camera mapping:
> tools > tutorials > camera mapping

or this one: ... ction.html


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