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warlord 04-26-2012 04:38 AM

my first proj mapping
Hi all
would appreciate any thoughts on this one.
This is my first attempt at a projection mapping scene with camera move, so my apologies if theres anything really dumb here :-)
have almost finished cleaning up my model.....about to move onto setting up the projection camera etc and moving into photoshop.....but as this is my first attempt at a projection, im kind of learning as i go - plus im totally self taught, which makes it slower.
im a little worried that my camera move is too imagining that there will be loads of geometry that the projected painting wont hit from the the back side of the temple_mountain.
added some shots as below - reeeaaally appreciate any thoughts or tips that might save me confusion or wasted time.
also im thinking the way i painted the temple_mountain in the middle of the concept is going to be a nightmare, so may have to change that whole hill into more of a rocky hill, in the concept it is very "conceptual" with loads of spears and abstract shapes.

heres my concept painting:

heres the concept_cam - modelling phase:

heres the first frame of the camera move:

heres a frame from about half way along the camera move:

heres the final frame of the camera move:

and heres a view from the persp_cam to show the overall layout of the scene: the camera
move rakes drom right to left along that bottom edge- then raises a bit to show an elevated shot of the temple and lava falls.

littlelizard 04-26-2012 08:28 AM

i find your concept very intersting, what i can say about your projection attempt, is that from the frames you posted there will be a change of persp, like a rotation, which will be the most difficult thing to deal with, and unless you will be texturing the entrance on the rocks and the stairs, you will have to work with more projections than just one, same thing for the rocks and the bridge on the right side. Maybe if you are not so into this kind of tecnique you should try an easier movement, anyway the subdivision of your models is quite right, but for the foreground i think you should adjust a little bit more the polyflow to the base image expecially if you want the 3d effect to be more real.
Keep it up


nickmarshallvfx 04-26-2012 11:57 AM

You are lucky enough to be doing the camera move before the final painting which will make things a whole lot easier for you. There's really no reason why this needs to be super difficult. What software are you going to use to do the projection? You may need to do a second (or even third, but I doubt it) projection to patch in the places that your projection is missing.
I like your concept, will be interested to see what you do with this.


warlord 04-27-2012 04:06 AM

thanks for the feedback there guys.

lizard - cheers, yep i think that i will clean up that foreground some more, also will add some massive doors into the doorway, so that theres a flat surface for the projection to hit. I probably should do as you said, and go with a simple frontal cam move - but im a sucker for punnishment i guess.

nick - cheers, im doing all the 3d and projection in maya

what im doing is following the workflow that Darin Hilton used in his gnomon dvd "camera projection techniques in maya" - mainly because i loved to projection he did.
im thinking that i will restrict my camera move a little bit, but still go with this sweeping arc, at the moment in my shot cam you can see part of the back of the temple mountain at the very start - im gonna pull it back some so that i dont need to get paint hitting those back sides.

I skipped forward in the dvd and now see that later on he shows the process of secondary projections and patching any distorted parts of the projection.

hopefully i havent bit off more than i can chew , but im learning as i go which is good i guess.

thansk very muchly

Lukas Lancko 04-27-2012 02:44 PM

Hey Lincoln,
looking forward for final result. Id love to learn that technique soon too, but I still didnt get to that point. Anyway Im excited to see any progress. Im self taught too so I really keep my thumbs up for you!

warlord 04-28-2012 03:02 AM

hey thanks Lucas ......much appreciated, hey checked your portfolio - loooved that visceral trails shot, one with the blood splattered guys in the bathtub - im guessing you had fun touching up that shot.

warlord 05-13-2012 03:47 AM

hi all
just an image update - have done nearly half the 2d painting work, so have done a test projection as shown below.....obviously still looking kinda ugly - as i havent done much actual painting yet, mostly texture placements to see how the values will work in the shot.
also have radically changed the lighting etc from the concept as i decided i want to add some nice cast shadows near the end.

would really appreciate some tips though as i am learning as i go with this......- had one small original mountain range ridgeline was very basically modelled, so fairly flat, when painting in PS i added lots of small details to add interest to the mountian peaks.
once i projected this, get a render like this.....

notice how flat the ridgeline is.
as the projection has a mask that i created which included the extra details, i simply grabbed all the vertex's along the top quarter of the mountains, and pulled them up theory being that my painting and mask will project the correct pixels.....this kinda worked....see below:

its very subtle - but small changes to ridgeline are now visible....only problem i have is that there is a really slim white edge to the projection:
heres a closeup:

welcome any thoughts or suggestions on best way to alter the ridgeline, and get a clean projection edge near the mask boundary.
also finding the same white edge along mask of other layers too - such as the foreground rocks.
other crits welcome too - just remember, its still crudely blocked plenty of ugly pixels there :-)
cheers all.

sdinozzi 05-13-2012 08:50 AM

Hey Warlord

Looking promising- been watching your progress. The white matte lines or fringing that you're getting is a issue with the lack of overpainting.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, take a look at the following url:

Notice how they flood the color image with a similar color to the element even though the alpha is only made for the element itself. You could do it this way or erode your alpha a few pixels in so there is color information in matte line area.

Hope this makes sense.


nickmarshallvfx 05-13-2012 11:52 AM

Your edge issues are a little strange.. It sounds like a premultiplication issue to me. I would be interested to pull it into Nuke and apply a premult to see if that solves your problem. You could do as Steve suggested and erode your alpha a little, which isn't ideal but would probably be un-noticeable...

warlord 05-14-2012 03:01 AM

thanks for the tips guys - might try adjusting the alpha first, will see if it works...
i had a thought overnight that maybe my alpha edge was either a bit blurry or not 100% solid when i created it i used paint bucket - suspect i need to grab a hard brush and paint into the selection and clean up the edges some - like you said, maybe erode a few pixels back from the boundary.
suggestions much appreciated. :-)

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