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wavesmack 05-14-2012 08:42 AM

We are looking for new Mentors for our website
Are you building training now, but not reaching the right market?

We at cmiVFX have built a multi-million dollar delivery system for those who want to be world famous mentors. We are currently looking for new recruits to be apart of this system. Below is an email that i put on another forum topic page just in case this place was better.

REMEMBER.. cmiVFX is a profit sharing company. YOU WORK FOR YOUR SELF.... and you get paid directly from the customers. We help you do all the branding, marketing, editing, graphics etc... and are the most efficient delivery system in the world. We can have you up and running as a mentor in days!

Here is more information:

Hello everyone,

Our group is looking to hire talented freelancers for technical matte painting work ASAP.

We have been working with some already, but need to fulfill a much bigger schedule. We are basically looking for the best of the best.... which includes not only talent, but the ability to communicate with us with clear instructions.

We have some very exciting work ideas that are potentially a dream job to a large majority of you. But while this is seeming very competitive... we do have a few areas open and can accommodate several new people. We are looking for the following:

Matte Painting Specialists
LIDAR Integration Specialists
Set Extension Specialists
StereoScopic motion Matte Painting Specialists
Concept Artists
Storyboard artists
Character Designers

If any of you are interested OR KNOW of someone interested, please contact right away.

REMEMBER... we are not worried about where you came from... we are worried about where you are willing to go. We only want people who know how to accept SUCCESS as an inevitability. Meaning, the results from these jobs could put a lot of peoples names in front of an even larger number of peoples eyes.

In order to best help us... make sure your subject line in your email is:

Subject: Matte Painter Position (or) Concept Artist Position (etc..)
Body: Please put all your contact information, your cmiVFX username if you have one, tell us what software you like to use, what your working on now that you think is interesting, and be sure to show us links to your best work.

We are an experimental company.... we take a lot of risks and get a lot of rewards for it.... so if you have something unusual... don't be afraid to submit it. We will not eliminate anyone from unique submissions. We just want the quality to be HIGH. Do not send anything mediocre to make it seem like you have MORE stuff. Just send your best stuff. (We will assume your other stuff is just NOT finished right?)

Looking forward to talking to you all soon

Chris Maynard -

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