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Brian 06-11-2012 03:00 AM

Close examination at pixel level for either painting or cloning
Ok *I hope I explain this correctly
if not please let me know and I try again.

Let say I open up a photo in PS and *then I make a duplicate that bg layer and then called that layer "clone test"
so the original bg layer is locked for back up.

This duplicate bg layer helps me to experiment with either using *paint brush directly on the photo by color picking off photo etc... and then paint or now using clone tool. to specify a certain area and start cloning.

Here is what I do during this test

I notice when I start cloning at let say at 100% on any photo *and when I am done cloning that specific area*
I go in for very close examination in that clone or painted area by zooming in to almost pixel level and a lot of times at max which is 3200% I believe*

I do this to see how the original surround pixels that are in the main photo are interacting with the new cloning pixels or painted brush strokes
basically compare the pixel edges,vaule,color and how soft or hard to another etc....

Now when I paint in on photo directly with brush and do a close examination by zoom way in I do understand that the brush strokes pixels will not match 100% due to different value and color shifts etc....

*I notice that when I do a small amount of cloning in a specific area and go in for very close examination I can see not every thing matches at 100%
which puzzle me since this is the clone tool

Ok on very close examination I notice around the newly created clone pixels compare to the original surround pixels from the main photo
they look soft or sort of blurry and not as contrasty or sharp looking as the original surround pixels

My question is what are the specific reasons that may cause this?

And what comon or not so comon ways or methods *and approaches to fix these kind of problems?

Is their known tool or plug-in that can assist with this *by *analyzing *pixels * *or better isolate each target individual *pixel?

God Bless

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