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Default 09-10-2007, 04:30 AM

Originally Posted by ovi@moonera
Dylan Cole's Introduction to Landscape Matte Painting is Great. Thank you.

It think the best way to do great matte painting is still try after try, image after image
Yeah I agree I just rewatched that DVD a few hours ago and you can learn loads of stuff from it.

In time it will become second nature when you do your digital paintings just ' Know ' where to put those colors.

But I'm a guy who preaches references...I'm not saying to become a slave to your references but if you don't know how to ...paint a winter scene in the mountains for exemple...well by all means take the time to search some good references and learn from it.'re building a reference library at the same time so it can't hurt.:)

In the end you just have to practice, practice, practice :)

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