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Originally Posted by Defonten
That would be great! That's where I'm stuck the most - to randomly sort IDs for roofs and for buildings along the whole city. Its definitely not the thing to be done by hand.. As I lamely understand it the script

1. Distinguishes top\side geometry based on the normal direction relatively given ground plane.

2. Divides total number of Rooftop and Wall polys by 50 resulting in approximately 30 or 40 same buildings scattered randomly around the city (wall combinations and roofs may vary though).

May sound quite lame but I try to understand the way it works ) Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Nearly right. Greeble selects the roofs which grant's script saves as a selection set. Then he expands the selection which then includes the walls so the whole building is selected. He then gives each building a unique ID and then re selects just the roof polys and randomly assignes them an ID the result (when face mapped) is 50 random varieties of building with 50 random variety of roof maps.

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