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Default Re: Tablet PCs - 06-21-2008, 05:53 PM

Thanks for the quick reply guys.

Stefanino - I actually do have a wacom tablet and absolutely love it, but I was referring to the tablet laptop. I'm a real stickler for technology, especially if it means it'll help me further my skills and thus, my career, which is why I'm seriously considering this particular laptop. It'll make it much more accessible for me to just whip it out and start drawing wherever I am.

Alex - That really stinks that you can't get your ModBook in the UK. Is there an equivalent there for you to you or are you SOL? I'm not much of a Mac fan so I was looking more into the ASUS R1E-B1 Tablet PC. Think it'll be just as good?

rrische - Heh, you're spoiled by dual monitors as well. I suffer from that as well, but it's hard to carry two monitors around when you're traveling or out and about around town. :-)

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