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Originally Posted by Gary Wino Smokes
Rick I think I remember stealing that VHS tape from you. Those were the days. DVD just doesn't provide that warm look the way VHS does.
Actually, if I remember correctly, I believe the quality of the 3/4 inch beta version was quite superior to that of VHS. It would be nice to get this on DVD though . . .

Originally Posted by tesmerelda
Wow! You actually DO care
Originally Posted by Gary Wino Smokes
Tom you are sadly mistaken. Once again standing at the bus stop of life without the full fare.
Gary, I did not mean to offend you in any way by my comment. I think you are taking it the wrong way: I did not mean to suggest that you never cared about the state of matte painting, but rather point out how jaded you sound of late and how your recent reply was refreshing to hear.

I may not have the full fare all the time, but at least I want to ride the bus ...

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