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Frickin great! I absolutely loved seeing this dvd, since I get geeked out about traditional matte painting. It is an incredibly rare inside look into the art by one of the absolute masters. It was great because they walked through the production of a shot from filming to delivery. There is actual footage of him painting which was a real treat...also funny to hear him sing as he paints. You even see his turn at acting in a bit part from Mel Brook's History of the World part 1. There is a lot of great before and after shots. Some of the shots that they show look better than a lot of matte shots nowadays. It goes to show you it is about color and composition, not about slapping photos together. The only unfortunate thing is that it is so short...just under a half hour. Of course, I wanted to 4 hour epic documentary about matte painting, but I am happy to at least have this. It is also fun to see a young Syd Dutton and Bill Taylor. I think I have already watched it 3 times. If you are interested in traditional matte painting, then I highly recommend this.
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