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I am doing many test renders, and here is a very early work in progress all 3D Matte painting scene I created using Terragen 2 BETA (There is no Photoshop touch up in this render) Originally rendered at 4000 pixels (4k) This small compressed jpg version does not do justice . . . the highres version has GREAT detail ! ! !

It took a while trying to figure out many shader, atmosphere, fog, sky, lighting, and terrain (list goes on: ) attributes, and hours of tweaking to get certain things looking convincing . . but again this is just a very early stage WIP . . straight 3D render

I will add various 3D geometry into the scene that I am building in Maya and I will be then adding highres detail in Zbrush. After that I will create projections in Maya, and create a 3D camera move for this scene. I'll share the quicktime with everyone here

More to come . . . .
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