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Another great example
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Default Another great example - 04-15-2006, 09:25 PM

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So go check this out guys, some newer images in the gallery of Terragen 2. Like I mentioned this in my earlier posts here , being one of the beta testers for Terragen's new version, there is a team of us trying many new things within the software. I can't wait until it will be become available for the public, and people will start seeing what this powerful program is capable of doing . . . Also the current version is $99 USD . . . Now that's a bargain !

Below image rendered using Terragen 2 with no touch up is just another GREAT example of this tehnology showcasing the potential 3D terrains and how quickly it is growing, and getting closer to have very convincing results. Things will take time, there will be a lot of hard work, tweaking, and trying . . but the effort in trying new ways and techniques will pay off in the long run . . . A huge thanks again to Matt for writing the code for this program, and still developing it further every day !

Here is the link to the website that has this image below created by Matt ... php?group=

Below link is the FAQ page for Terragen 2, the forthcoming major new release of Terragen, completely rewritten from the ground up.
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