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Default CRTvLCD - 01-19-2006, 06:05 AM

LCDs are better for what CRTs can do for me now,
Making games and textures etc...
I have two monitors, a 22" Samsung and a 19"CRT Iiyama.
The Samsung LCD is sharper, but the colour is not as exacting as the Iiyama but to be honest I can't tell much more than opening a colour pallette and switching between monitors. Very close.

I think for printed matter and 'old' film use a CRT, but for web - portfolio stuff and games use a CRT.

Motion picture film is capable of a HUGE value range that no digital
device is capable of fully reproducing, not even CRT's can. But CRT's
do the best job of approximating what you'll get when you output to film.
And if "many people in the industry" thought LCD's did a more accurate
job, we'd all be using LCD's.
Aren't we using digital cameras these days?!?

I squint to see distant objects.
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