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Future Look
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Default Future Look - 10-06-2008, 12:38 AM

This forum is to showcase your imagination and experience in a specific topic.

The subject of this study is "Futuristic City".
Imagine 50 - 60 years in future, how our children will see the city...
A futuristic city with ultra modern architecture, vehicles, ...

Visit "MP Studio Gallery" for some references... (some are far from reality but still a good visual reference...)

Feel free to post your old or new artworks, creative photo or sketch...
You may also share any other resources related to this topic.

Featured artworks will be showcase in MattePainting.Org Studio Gallery.

  • Please only post related to the topics
  • It is recommended to put your full name at the bottom of the picture.
  • The administrators of the site will keep the right to move or remove inappropriate posts
  • Featured selection is done by moderators of the forum based on the relativity, creativity, popularity ... (good as reference...)

This would be the best place to showcase your skills in a specific theme.


Design a "FUTURISTIC CITY" to dream for.

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