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painting a sky image
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Default painting a sky image - 04-13-2005, 11:31 AM

I am new to this forum also to matte paiting. My art director gives me an assignment for a printing image, which is a matte paiting for the backgroud - stomy sky. He gives me an image which he got from the net, ask me to make it to a 6000x4000 fine detailed image for the magazine. He does not want me to show any paint brush stoke, has to be photo realistic. I don't know if there is a technic you can use to blow up a small image to a magazine print. It looks very pixelized. Does anyone ever encounterd this situation? Any technic you can use? Now I am just taking photos and try to adjust and match the shape of the clouds from the small image he gave to me, then doing colour adjusting to match the colour. Paint on top of it if necessary. Is this the correct way to work? How long usually this type of work takes?

Thanks for any help!
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