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Default 04-13-2005, 11:41 AM

Tell your boss not to be cheap and purchase a professional image from and modify that one. You can't produce miracles. If it's pixelated now only GOD can make it 6000x whatever at print rez.
But you know what...spend weeks trying AND THEN tell him. :) Maybe that will shed some light into that black hole of his for next time.

it's not your fault but it can't be done. Print rez for mags and the junk u get from the net is apples and oranges. And turning an apple into an orange is God's domain...not yours. :)

I can't believe some people man..clueless. Art Director even! lol
Your in Montreal!? Where do you work? Maybe I can pass by and apply for that Art Dir. position. LOLOL might be vacant soon.

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