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Help - Photography + MattePainting
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Default Help - Photography + MattePainting - 04-19-2005, 02:50 PM

Hi all,

Just wondering if someone would be kind enough to offer me some advice.

Ive been reading a few posts here with regards to perspective...however, I am a bit confused as to what to do with regards to some technical aspects of my next project.


- I intend to create a mattepainting using mainly combined photographs (which I will take myself) and some creative manipulation and combination in photoshop...

The main intention for this is to create a stylised but photo-realistic landscape environment in which I can composite someone shot against a bluescreen.
The mattepainting(s) will also be used to create a simple 2.5D mattepainting so I can also introduce some movement as well.

So theoretically, it is compositing live action in a combined live action/cg environment - if you are still following me

My question is how do I go about perspective.

Should I take all the photos at the same focal length? (in this case they are mainly going to be mountains, rocks etc)lets say for example 50mm
If they are then combined to make a mattepainting, would this still be the same focal length - 50mm - even if it is extended a bit or objects are placed in all different places?

And what about shooting the live action - the studio is quite small, so if I wanted someone to look like they are in the distance, I couldnt use a really long lens, I would have to shrink them in post - so using the example, would I have to maintiain shooting at 50mm?

I understand that it is not the lens that is distorting the image, it is the distance they are from the lens - so this is what i am concerned about.

Also - in the 3D CG environment, if I project the painting onto geometry, would my projection camera also have to be set up to be the example 50mm? Because..if I have extended the picture so it is really wide for panning purposes...wouldnt this mean I have a different field of view?

Wow, ive confused myself further in writing this...I hope someone is able to help me...if they have been brave enough to get this far in the post.


J :roll:
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