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i suggest you do a 3d mokup of your shot if you are not confortable with perspective. It will be a good idea to establish the pov your pseudo-lens and the light.
Than you will know what kind of distortion the object will have regading their distance to the camera.
It will help you a lot for your shooting.

You should consider your photo footage as raw material that you are going to cut extract sample and more.
So basicaly any footage with any kind of lens might work (except maybe high distorted small lenses, or "big" lenses that give you a very flat depth of field aspect)
You can even use those big or small lens for special purposes like very far background or objects close to the camera.
Matte painting is not a science, and most of it is experiment.

For the live action, it will realy depend what kind of movement your comedian is going to do.
If he is going to do In-of-screen or a out-of-screen be carefull with lens
especialy if he is coming/going from one side of the frame.
choose like a 50mm if you want to reduce the footage and you dont want too much distortion on your live action.

For camera proj
If you are doing a building for example.
you want to map ,as cam proj some footage that you have done, on a 3d geometry.

When you are shooting your footage be sure to write down the camera lens you are using, the distance you are from the object you want to rebuild and aproximative tilt and pan.
If its an entire scene, do a map with correct distance height/width/depth of each object (yes this is painfull).
But you can have some helps by softwares like "photo modler". It works
with 4 shots (with minor perspectives changes) . you give some points (like the antena on the top of the building, or the neon sign) and after 20 or 60 corelation points it give you a camera.

But you can also make some cam proj from scrath with a totaly fake camera lens and it will works
once again its a lot of experimentation.

hope that helps
feel free to ask if my @#$% english is too bad.

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