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Yeah, part of me thinks that what was used was probably fairly straightforward, maybe an additional mix of something, but maybe an alkyd, a bit of turps or OMS... I'd say no dammar varnish, which would probably remove the need for turps... see why I call it alchemy? :-) In the few vids of artists painting (esp. one of Ellenshaw knocking in masses... wow!), the speed and the directness of the painting is awesome.

1) minimizing brush strokes
2) drying time
3) sheen (very little to no gloss)

These, to me, are very desirable qualities. Maybe I'm just lazy/impatient and have yet to appreciate brush calligraphy- well, no I do dig it, but I just love that 'photo-impressionism'.

Ah, the hunt. Whatever I/we may unearth, the basic truth is that to an individual, whatever they used, they're very gifted painters, the hours are much more important than the make-up.

Thank you for replying here, back to painting.
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