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Default 07-06-2010, 02:16 AM

I assume you're asking this because you can see there is SOMETHING wrong with the perspective, but can't work out what it is?

Take a look at your vanishing points - I've marked them on a copy of your image.

The orange lines mark the 'horizontals' of your perspective, and you are right - they should all eventually end up at the same vanishing point. However, this vanishing point shouldn't be on the canvas - it should be way, WAY out of frame to the right hand side.

All of your horizontal lines are therefore artifically angled into a 'compressed' perspective, a bit like a very wide angle panorama (which this isn't).

So yes, you've got the theory of vanishing points spot on - you've just put one of them in the wrong place!

I would personally be cranking up SketchUp at this point (it's easy and free) to make a block model of the scene, but it's probably not a bad idea to work it out by hand as an exercise, just so you know you can.

I think some of your verticals are slightly off too, but this isn't so much of a problem (particularly if you going to destroy it).

Hope that helps


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