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Default 07-27-2010, 12:57 PM

Perspective is looking better! I would work on the lighting. What is the time of day and weather conditions that you are going for. The image has a lot of dark in it at the moment which obscures lots of detail. Whilst dark can be good for mystery I'm not sure you're going for a shot that's in ambiguous space. I would take a look at the histogram of shot similar to the one you are going for and look at the distribution of light and dark. Then take a look at the histogram of your own image and compare. I think its all too easy to get caught up in creating contrast between bright and dark areas and forget about addressing the mid tones.

I might also look at the size distribution of the buildings. I think your previous iteration was slightly stronger on size distribution. That is, people like looking at images which have lots of different sized objects in them, some small, some large etc. At the moment most of the buildings take up a similar amount of screen space.

Looking good though, hope what I said is helpful, Iíll check back to see the next version!

Dante Harbridge Robinson
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