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Default Looks good - 07-29-2010, 05:06 PM

Im not an expert myself, but if you were to composite in a real actor walking around in your scene, it would look like their walking around in a video game or non real place. This is probably due to the painted elements, while it looks great as a painting, I would put this on my wall most def, as it looks great, its not photo real yet for a film to trick the audience in thinking its a real place. I think brining in more photo real elements, actual photographs, and just positioning them in place will help a lot! Such as the landscape on the left side, a photoreal sky, background mountains, and a background city scape, you can even bring in a real railroad on the right, it looks too clean, making it look videogamish, use google, you can find a lot of stuff there! And Im not an expert, Im just looking at it as if I were an audience member in a film looking at a wide shot, I would think Im watching a scene out of Halo for ps2 instead of a scene from Star Wars, neither one is better, just different, so if your going for photoreal, use more photos as sources instead of painting.

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