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Just a couple of comments at the end of the day.

Keep posting those progress things. Those are usefull and we can also see that you didn't just take the easy way (just picking already amazing stock photo) but instead doing the work. So my respect for that.

And my apologies for a looong silence here. There has been a lot of things going on, couple of moves (home and studio), and in next couple of weeks I still have to move our home an another time from temporary summer apartment to something more stable - and build the new studio... And then there is that thing called summer vacation and if not busy enough with those - then _a lot_ of work. So I actually missed this one (and probably many other images too). I'll try to catch up before Christmas...

But back to the topic. These are just notes just before going to sleep and after a loong day so keep what is usefull and forget the rest. I'd still pay some attention to lights and shadows, directions and intesities. Back/side light is quite strong and could create stronger shadows and darkers colors at the shadow side. There is also difference in sharpness of shadows (comare ship and the bridge).

Depending on the "lens" the direction of the bridge shadows may or may not vary. Check the directions of those that they match the lightsource (it seems to be a bit larger and bit more right that those shadows/speculars indicate).

edit: Sails and upper parts of masts could use some highlights, since they seem to go above the bridge and houses and could catch some light and create interestin detail.

Foreground (ship, right side of the bridge) could have stronger contrast. Now the strongest contrast seems to be here and there: at the black roofed building behind the ship, some thing behind the fourth arch of the bridge, building at the right and background ships/platform at the left.

Sun seems to shine trough the building at the right.

Shadows/water could use some subtle complimentary color to make it pop a bit (or at least same hue to left water than it is in the left sky) , but that might be a matter of taste.

Bright cloud exactly above the masts of the ship might be compositionally funny.

^ hmm. I sound angry. Time to sleep, but this is meant to be just some observations and hopefully some help. Keep going. Enjoying your posts and projects.

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