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Pandora Deep
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Default Pandora Deep - 12-31-2010, 02:10 PM

Background I was aiming for a rock structure I was inspired by gruyere cheese. In these holes are bioluminescant bacteria that is heavier than water so pools of light are created. The acid they produce erodes the rock, bit like modern day plaque.

The alien vessel is made of glass and rock and is opaque, it has been deformed by the crash, its shape is that of a stumpy glass dragonfly, the proboscis is a drill and it extracts minerals from the ground. In the centre of the vessel is a white cylinder this is pure unobtainium.

The vessel glows purple as that the bacteria previously mentioned has collected in the wreckage and has been in lifecycle for a long time,

The research habitat is a deployable modular habitat system design for deepwater living. The company is interested in how the alien extraction system works, they are also interested in aquiring the pure unobtainium.

There are natural predators not shown,

I always provide a clean matte as much as I can, I have put a volumetric light on this image so the the compositor can work from it.

Any questions on this matte are more than welcome,


wip and breakdown

Cheers Rich

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