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This is a pretty difficult piece to crit - it's basically abstract art. It's difficult to judge if it's a good matte or not, because it doesn't look real*. Any crits could easily be countered with 'but it's supposed to look like this'. It's a transparent alien spaceship, with glowing purple bacteria, surrounded by ice, so how can we judge if it would look like this or not? Under these circumstances, crits are reasonably unlikely, I'm sorry to say - no-one wants to look like a fool!

If you are looking to make some attractive images, then you have certainly accomplished this. If you are looking to add this to your matte painting portfolio, then it probably isn't so successful, since it is so nebulous. In terms of general level of replies - you've been around long enough to spot that (unfortunately) only two kinds of images get lots of replies here - the really, really good ones, and the really, really bad ones. Your work, falling somewhere in-between, tends to miss out - it's also posted in the 'Artist Showcase' section, which (for some reason I've never worked out) is specified by the mods as 'no crits'.


*By 'real', I mean that I don't see an underwater base next to an alien space-ship without reading your description. I see some interesting 3D shapes arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner, with lots of glowing lights. Kind of fractal-art desktop-background material. If this was an establishing shot for Avatar 2, I would need to be able to 'read' the scene correctly within less than a second - since the point of the shot is to tell us where we are. I also can't tell the scale, which is one of the most important things (and also one of the most difficult to sell, in a shot like this).


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