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Thanks a-lot!
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Default Thanks a-lot! - 01-23-2011, 10:55 AM

Originally Posted by Suirebit View Post
Hey Kaustav,

What I can notice from that low res is a light inconsistency: the clouds are lit from somewhere back right, while the scene - even though overcast - has a general light direction coming from front left.

I might be wrong because of the low res, but you should check it out
Originally Posted by nickmarshallvfx View Post
HI Kaustav,
Cool stuff, has a nice atmosphere! I agree with Tiberius, check the lighting. Also, the composition feels quite left heavy - all the lines in the painting seem to run to the bottom right corner, leading your eye right out of the composition. Might be worht adding some interest on the RHS of the painting to balance this.

Keep it up!

Hi Nick and Tiberius, :)

Thanks a-lot for your precious Comments and Critiques! I'll keep them in mind and will come-up with an update asap! Thanks once again!


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