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Default 01-30-2011, 04:25 AM

Photoshop has a set of tools that are tried and proven to enhance speed and workflow, plus I can access channels/ thresholds and suchlike quicker and faster than in paintshop pro. However for oils on glass straight matte painting and concept work it is a beautiful medium to work in. Several commercial artists that I know use the combination of the two to produce outstanding work.

Photoshop, is designed for print/colour and is more complex and scientific in nature. Paintshop pro is more of a artists tool. Both are fantastic at what they do. In fact there is one or two guys here that use it.

However as Nick quite rightly said due to Photoshop scientific nature and reputation it has become the industry standard so it has become more predominant in tutorials.

If you go to FZD Design on youtube his tutorials are done in photoshop however the same techniques cross over and his teaching style enable the paintshop pro artist to generate the same results.

Good luck and looking forward to your work.


Cheers Rich

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