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Newbie_want to learn MP or paint environment
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Default Newbie_want to learn MP or paint environment - 06-27-2011, 12:56 PM

So ok , i just learn digital painting and some basic figure/life drawing lessons for 1year already..
ermm yea i am kinda inspired by the works of the great matte artist out there doing for film or games.. so i guess i am interested to learn to paint something decent at the end of the journey ..

Okay so, from my past experience of drawing and understanding , i am really bad with perspective and many many basics .. but i am unable to get some good feedbacks and right direction.. I been learning through online,books and also frens who know what art is what the importance of fundamentals drawing .. but yea i still unsure sometimes of my mistakes made especially Perspective when it is easy to understand the basic of it but when APPLYING it seems so hard and confusing at times or making mistakes which are not obvious to me

Hopefully i can get feedbacks from the pros here and direction on what to do to improve on ..

Here some works done during free time and for sch assignments.

1.My First ever digital painting for sch work @_@

'Moments at the lake side'

'Discovery of the Ancient Artefact'

2.2nd semester work, Character design module..

3.Creature design

3.Simeli Mountains from Grimm's fairytale schoolwork to choose a story and do indoor and outdoor illustration for the environment and to tell the story.

4.Daily Digital Sketches..

5.Current WIP , hoping to get some corrections/guidance on the lighting/color/form and perspective, the story of this picture is the discover of
of this ancient temple through the jungle at sunset timing of the day.

Without grid

I know these are very amateurs works , but i really hope i can get some critiques and directions going , because i am kinda lost and watching Gurus' talk .. those art terms , i kinda understand it but seem 50/50 sometimes .. but more importantly perspective i hope i can tackle it down.. so it become not a hassle or trouble when i paint..

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