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initiated into mattepainting
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Default initiated into mattepainting - 08-29-2011, 01:16 PM

hello, first of all apologize for my English (google translator) and to congratulate you all for your great work here exposed.
I am a big fan of this art about a year ago, I tried to take my first steps but I did not get any decent result, but I am determined to keep trying to get something I like.
What I want is to advise me on how to start working because I am completely lost and bundled all the information that I have totally mixed. (I've seen almost all videos gnomonworkshop)

I would like to advise me as if someone were to start from 0, (excluding the management of photoshop) but everything else I want to start from 0.

and if there were any Spanish artist I would also advise would be grateful as it would be easier to understand for any advice, if not use the google each do better xD.

Thanks for your time, greetings to all.
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