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Default 09-21-2011, 06:52 PM

Doing some more detailed modelling that you will later light and texture in photoshop is fine. That whole thing is a bit of a grey area, but what we are trying to do is discourage super high detailed modelling, texturimg, lighting and redering, and then just a quick slap comp together to create the final painting. Yes, this is sometimes done in production, but the actual modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering would most likely be done by a TD so that the matte painters can focus on the creation of the painting an everything that comes with it.
We dont want this turning into a free-for-all where more 3d generalists are submitting than matte painters. Thats especially possible in a challenge like this, so we just want to ensure that the focus is the 2D matte painting work, as this is all to test matte painting ability.

Does that clear it up a little, ir just add to the confusion..?



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