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Default 10-28-2011, 02:22 PM

Hi Artun,

Hey, thanks for the call. I think you may be right. One thing I think I've come to learn is that fixating ain't it. I think alot of basics have been waiting on me. There's so much to an image that might not appear at the first look. I've been heading toward doing a lot of practice sketches just to try to better understand the basics. Not get so precious and to try to figure out that oh so important foundation pic.

I've been staying with painting because of a latent interest from years ago in the technique of matte painting. Some amazing things, as everybody knows. Obviously the industry has moved along. So I'm getting around to checking out the curiosity with the classic style as I can.

A more comprehensive approach would probably be good.

I guess my answer is that it would be great to have a full matte at some point, indeed.

Also, real life is there to get to. So much is time and what you can do.

Thanks for the pointers. I'll see where i get from here.

I should also mention, Mountain Ranges looks great. Good show.

Thanks again for the pointers. Talk to you later.

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