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improving portfolio
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Default improving portfolio - 11-02-2011, 07:49 AM

hey guys.

Ive been without a PC due to the motherboard frying but hopefully i should have a brand new custom PC by the end of this week ready to hit the work hard but im having one problem. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT. Obviously I want to create a portfolio that will get me a job in the vfx industry but im not sure what i should be producing for this. Ive read the core Vfx Pdf and will use that as a kick off point but i was hoping if you guys had any advice on what kind of work i should be producing ? should i do more city work ? more natural landscapes ? focus more on the compositing ? (im learning nuke)

Ive done some set extensions and day for night work and i feel i should definately concentrate on camera projections for some new projects and maybe 3d matte work. Ive just seen the jude law film repo men and found their work to be pretty inspiring.

you can view my current portfolio at to see where im at atm.

Any advice you can give would as always be greatly appreciated

Matte Painter/Concept Artist/VFX Artist available for freelance work
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