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I think you should start by looking at the format of other showreels and reading up some general showreel advice. You will find a lot of people say that they can tell whether they would hire an artist from the first 10 seconds that they see of the demoreel. It takes 22 seconds on your current showreel before we see any work at all, and a lot of people would be annoyed at wasting time getting to the shots. You definitely dont want people fast-forwarding your reel, that is a BAD sign.

Having said that, your work shows potential. You seem to have a good technical knowledge, as you are doing paintings, projection and compositing. Your artistic sensibilities could do with some work I think. The shot design isn't working as well as it could. There aren't any shots there that really give a grand scale. Try and get some depth in there, a lot of the shots from both design and execution are a bit flat. Keep working on your lighting too, that seems to be paying off, your recent day for night with set extension is pretty successful.

As for what to put in each shot, it doesnt really matter. Cover all your bases, get a little bit of everything in there. If you can do one natural landscape, one city shot with complex architecture and an interior, you will be off to a good start.

I hope this helps, maybe make a WIP thread for each shot you are doing so you can get some feedback as you go.



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