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I am under NDA at the moment, which sucks, the background is twisting and the parallax is all over the place, they did say I have three months with this. I have Mocha but never used it for anything major than corner pinning. I am thinking of creating a 3d model of the ground and using that. However the nice cameraman neglected to place tracking markers in Z space I have x y data and having to use off-screen tracking.

The film is an old film shot in 198# however they are thinking of doing it redux style. Which is when I got the call. So tracking markers were never used till later that decade. As for hdri got round that. I have cut and pasted a HDRI sphere from elements from the scene which is very diffuse.

Done a rough garbage matte so far, the damn plane is filling the whole frame. So it looks like a old fashioned hand by hand frame by frame track is needed.

this track has to be spot on as I am comping by hand smoke from the ground up using cards.

The ground itself as a matte is very very easy to do, as there is motion blur there is no need to go for pixel perfect, can use a impressionistic ellenshaw style. However it will still be HD quality.

I know ILM used a in house technique for mission impossible 2 doing something similar. So I know it can be done.

Cheers Rich

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