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Apocalypse take II
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Default Apocalypse take II - 01-29-2012, 10:56 AM

Hey guys,

So I disappeared for a while because I really wasnt ready to try any of this. At the time I posted before I didnt have a wacom, didnt really have any painting knowledge, and was just pasting pictures together hoping I could come up with something that looked semi realistic. A lot has happened since then. I have bought a wacom and have been practicing diligently on other small painting projects, I have been taking hundreds of landscape photos trying to get a feel for lighting, composition and building my reference library. And I have been just studying a lot on all subjects I can dive into to try and get good at this.

Well Im returning to this painting and would really like for this to come together. Ive tried a few things differently but would still like some help figuring out the details. Some things I decided to change. In order to make the grim reaper (currently the black brush stroke in the foreground) a manageable size I scaled the buildings up a little bit. He is still quite large but I like the size he is now. I set up a main light source as the break in the clouds on the right.

Besides all of that I did a lot of things I was neglecting before like setting up a color palette, perspective grid, etc. I am still having trouble with the lighting of the buildings, If you guys could help me with that I would be greatly appreciative. I really want to button this sketch up before I go any further with this.

Thanks again. Feels good to have come this far, hopefully it keeps getting better.
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