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Default 02-28-2012, 03:49 PM

Cool stuff in here as always! Your handling of colour feels very photorealistic, and the day for night shots show you have thought properly about exposure and lighting from interiors onto the exterior environment. I do feel like the hard sunlit shadows are giving away your second day for night a little, especially as you have moved the position of the moon from where the sun was in the plate. I think it would be nice to see some subtle lighting from the moon on those rooftops and remove the really hard sunlight that remains. Still, looks convincing on the whole!

The sketches look good too, good to see you doing both! I think it may benefit you to loosen your style up a little. Looking at these sketches, they all have pretty much identical, pretty symetrical compositions. Loosening up might help you arrive at some more interesting ideas, and you can just render up your focal point a little more tightly to finish up.

Basically though, this is all really nice work, look forward to seeing more!



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