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Default 02-28-2012, 08:29 PM

VFX Studios are run as businesses, and businesses LOVE the idea of 'free'. If open source software is the best solution to a problem, it will most certainly be used.

The fact that we are using maya instead of blender, and nuke instead of... um... Jahshaka(?) tells you that those tools are not entirely ready for production yet. This is despite the fact that the commercial packages cost several thousand pounds EACH. Open source simply lacks the support structure, and dedicated full time development for studios to make the switch.

I love the idea of open source, but the situation is unlikely to change anytime soon, at least with content creation packages themselves. Where open source has a definite - and enduring - hold is in the sharing of file formats and other low-level technologies. .exr, ptex, alembic, cortex and others are all examples of open source technologies released by major studios. Everyone then has a vested interest in these formats becoming widely supported, and that's good for everybody.

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