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my first proj mapping
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Default my first proj mapping - 04-26-2012, 04:38 AM

Hi all
would appreciate any thoughts on this one.
This is my first attempt at a projection mapping scene with camera move, so my apologies if theres anything really dumb here :-)
have almost finished cleaning up my model.....about to move onto setting up the projection camera etc and moving into photoshop.....but as this is my first attempt at a projection, im kind of learning as i go - plus im totally self taught, which makes it slower.
im a little worried that my camera move is too imagining that there will be loads of geometry that the projected painting wont hit from the the back side of the temple_mountain.
added some shots as below - reeeaaally appreciate any thoughts or tips that might save me confusion or wasted time.
also im thinking the way i painted the temple_mountain in the middle of the concept is going to be a nightmare, so may have to change that whole hill into more of a rocky hill, in the concept it is very "conceptual" with loads of spears and abstract shapes.

heres my concept painting:

heres the concept_cam - modelling phase:

heres the first frame of the camera move:

heres a frame from about half way along the camera move:

heres the final frame of the camera move:

and heres a view from the persp_cam to show the overall layout of the scene: the camera
move rakes drom right to left along that bottom edge- then raises a bit to show an elevated shot of the temple and lava falls.

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