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Default 04-27-2012, 04:06 AM

thanks for the feedback there guys.

lizard - cheers, yep i think that i will clean up that foreground some more, also will add some massive doors into the doorway, so that theres a flat surface for the projection to hit. I probably should do as you said, and go with a simple frontal cam move - but im a sucker for punnishment i guess.

nick - cheers, im doing all the 3d and projection in maya

what im doing is following the workflow that Darin Hilton used in his gnomon dvd "camera projection techniques in maya" - mainly because i loved to projection he did.
im thinking that i will restrict my camera move a little bit, but still go with this sweeping arc, at the moment in my shot cam you can see part of the back of the temple mountain at the very start - im gonna pull it back some so that i dont need to get paint hitting those back sides.

I skipped forward in the dvd and now see that later on he shows the process of secondary projections and patching any distorted parts of the projection.

hopefully i havent bit off more than i can chew , but im learning as i go which is good i guess.

thansk very muchly
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