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Default 05-12-2012, 07:29 AM

I agree with metalrahul, my first instinct would be to render stills from Vue from a few different angles and reproject onto geo in Nuke and add a camera move in there. However, it totally depends on your scene and camera move. If you have lots of very detailed geo that comes close to camera and has lots of parallax, like rotating a camera around a tree or something, then projections might be more pain than just doing a full render from Vue.
Bear in mind also with Vue that the geo is likely to get into the millions of polys, so it might kill Nuke when you try and export the whole scene into Nuke. More likely you will have to create a lower res proxy of your scene in Maya (or whatever) and use that for the projections in Nuke.
Of course the benefit of doing it in Nuke is that you only have to render stills and you can repaint the still to look better if the render isn't quite photoreal, which it almost never is from Vue.

Nuke will take .obj file format. I think The Foundry has a youtube channel with loads of tutorials for Nuke, maybe you can find something on there to help you get your head around it all.

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