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Default update - 05-13-2012, 03:47 AM

hi all
just an image update - have done nearly half the 2d painting work, so have done a test projection as shown below.....obviously still looking kinda ugly - as i havent done much actual painting yet, mostly texture placements to see how the values will work in the shot.
also have radically changed the lighting etc from the concept as i decided i want to add some nice cast shadows near the end.

would really appreciate some tips though as i am learning as i go with this......- had one small original mountain range ridgeline was very basically modelled, so fairly flat, when painting in PS i added lots of small details to add interest to the mountian peaks.
once i projected this, get a render like this.....

notice how flat the ridgeline is.
as the projection has a mask that i created which included the extra details, i simply grabbed all the vertex's along the top quarter of the mountains, and pulled them up theory being that my painting and mask will project the correct pixels.....this kinda worked....see below:

its very subtle - but small changes to ridgeline are now visible....only problem i have is that there is a really slim white edge to the projection:
heres a closeup:

welcome any thoughts or suggestions on best way to alter the ridgeline, and get a clean projection edge near the mask boundary.
also finding the same white edge along mask of other layers too - such as the foreground rocks.
other crits welcome too - just remember, its still crudely blocked plenty of ugly pixels there :-)
cheers all.
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