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Default wip - 05-21-2012, 04:53 AM

heres a wip shot.
cropped in closer than full frame.....have made some major changes to the temple and the gaurdhouse entrance....will need to alter my model slightly to capture the new paint.
thus far i havent touched the back mountains much yet, they still need much love, also havent sorted out how the bridge integrates into the far mountain, will probably add onother gatehouse or cave like entrance there.
will probably add some mist or fog haze in via maya, or post in the there will be a low level haze in the bottom of the ravines.
foreground mountain - i have only just started cleaning up, will add some large boulders near the integration point to the top temple.
my plan is the put trackers on the 4 largest turrets on the temple mount, and try to add some kind of lightning or laser effect in post....much like in the original concept - even if i have changed a lot from the concept, i still want to bring that component into this version.
anyway - there she is, still a wip, but starting to see the end of the tunnel - i think.

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