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Default 07-17-2012, 11:22 PM

@ Ricardo

Thanks mate. I appreciate nice words. I checked out your paintings, the Mountain Rescue is really cool! No wonder it got included in the Ballistic as well as the other work you got there on your site.

@ Nick

It is hard to take criticism , true. I learned it quite a while ago and I think this is essential for any artist to be able to take it while being a part of the production team. I'm sure we all have trouble with this at the start of our creative careers.
As per your suggestion for the opening - I thought having not enough time to really focus on the pieces would create sort of anticipation of what's coming later on. I don't want to give away everything at the start. Apparently most of the producers turn off the reels after 15sec if there is nothing to interest or impress them. I respect your option though and thank you again.

@ Alex

Glad to have experienced artists like you to comment on my work. Thanks
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