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Alien Cloudscape - Rafael Falconi
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Default Alien Cloudscape - Rafael Falconi - 08-06-2012, 09:09 PM

Hi everybody,

I have just entered the community and the challenge itself!īm happy and willing to share my work with you and I hope to have your feedback as well.

Iīm a matte painter with lots of interests in VFX industry in general, specially 3D Environment and Concept Art.

I donīt know if its recommended here, but Iīd like to post several WIPs/studies Iīm doing inside Vue for this matte painting. I havenīt started painting already like most of you guys because I want to make it mostly in Vue to have a final image that can be animated later.

So... here is my first WIP, the 3D environment rendered in Vue.

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