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Alien Cloudscape - Antonio Neto
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Default Alien Cloudscape - Antonio Neto - 08-09-2012, 09:39 PM

Hello everyboydy,

After spend some days collection images and researching about planets, moons, and solar system.
Here comes my idea based on the concept.
This planet has 3 moons.
As you can see, there's a smaller new moon, which it's the most distant from the planet but it's big enought to cover a distant small sun.
The other 2 moons are crescent moons, which are been lit on the sides by a second sun, which has to be distant too and probably the same size of the other.
Yes, there are solar system with 2suns already proved(like in Star wars - Tattoine planet...).
So these 3 moons can make the nights more brighter, and because of those 3 is aspect that this planet has alot of storms and probably giant tide waves.
Well enought talk.
As the concept doesn't show up indication of stars in the sky, I decided that just a few very suttle will drive way from the concept. That's my adition to the concept.
I also want to show a little bit of the terrain and his wind marks occluded by some clouds. (This part will remain for tomorrow).
For now this is my wip: it's the far sky/space.

I see everyday the wip of the entrants, and I can say the competion is rising, so good luck to everybody.
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