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Default 08-24-2012, 04:40 PM

Thanks guys!

bpsola: Thanks! I've been looking at your progress aswell, got some amazing stuff going on there. Good luck to you mate!
Yatzenty: Nice to hear. Hope so too ;) Thanks!

I'd like to also thank Ricardo Garces for the very good comments and advice he's been giving for the artists here ;) I really hope he drops by :D

I started to match some photos on the back layers. Top halves of the foremost clouds are also roughly matched to the lighting and palette.

The lower parts of the clouds have turned out a bit tricky, I may have to do that part again once I get the foreground fully finished.
The clouds also seem a bit too "solid" at the moment, I will add some reflected and bounced light there to make them seem more fluffy and cute :D

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