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Default 08-24-2012, 06:49 PM

Hi Tuomas,

I have been to your website and you definitely do not need advice from me :) Your work is amazing! Great stuff in there!

But since you guys are placing me in the art direction position, I would say that you must be careful with the clouds in the horizon because I feel like the small planet is closer than the clouds.

I would say this happens because your horizon layer is too dark and lacks perpective haze. Go outside and look in the distance... objects in the distance are lighter than closer to you. That happens because air molecules although we cannot see them straight ahead of our eyes, they can be seen if we look at a huge bunch of them. Same happens underwater, you can see your hands but if you look straight ahead you see only blue or green depending where you are.

Regarding your comments about the clouds, I don't think they are too solid. Again has I stated in another thread we have always the creative freedom to do whatever we like with things that most people don't know or are not used to see.
But if you want to stick to reality I would say that the fluffy thing we see in the clouds, in these type at least happens only on the very top.

The fluffy thing is typical of cumulus clouds. These type of clouds if warmed from beneath like it happens for instance in African summer, develop into towering cumulus and then cumulonimbus. If I am not mistaken ( you have to forgive me if I am wrong, I usually stick to 1000ft when I am flying the helicopter ) cumulonimbus reach 35-40,000 Ft. The height of most commercial airplanes cruise height. Above that height there are no more clouds of this sort only haze clouds and some that produce quite interesting effects like coronas in the sun.

Inside these massive clouds you will find huge drops of ice, I was told that it is possible they even reach the size of cars!
That is why not only is forbidden to fly through these clouds, but also because the weather radar system was created for airplanes. So they can choose a path outside of these clouds.

Let also be known that unless you find a squall line, or a cold front, these clouds are not present. But these are Earth rules and we are in an Alien planet so everything is possible.

Getting back into the subject. I like your hues. I prefer dark over white, because you can then make the sun really shine and even play with a camera flare or "god ray" across or through the clouds.

I like where you are taking this image. Keep going.

Looking forward for the next developments! Cheers mate, good luck!
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